Board Certification

The American Society For Adolescent Psychiatry provides Board Certification in Adolescent Psychiatry by the American Board of Adolescent Psychiatry.

The maintenance of certification is for a period of ten years.

The following requirements have been established by ABAP to ensure that Diplomates of ABAP retain and maintain competence in the treatment of adolescents and their families:

Completion, each year (effective year of recertification) of 10 hours of Category I CME specifically in child/adolescent psychiatry. The re-certification is for a period of five years, with a case review due to be submitted each five years to retain certification. If a question exists as in whether a given CME program is applicable, the candidate by the end of the calendar year the CME was taken should obtain written approval from the Board.

Current certification by either American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology or Royal College of Canada in psychiatry.

Current license in a state or territory in the United States or a province of Canada.

Successful completion of a case report of an adolescent patient written to follow guidelines described below. After a report is reviewed by ABAP if inadequacies are found, the report is returned to Diplomate for correction. An approved report must be on file for each Diplomate every five years or certification is revoked.

Report Outline:

  • a. relevant data (chief complaint, history of present illness)
  • b. mental status examination
  • c. biopsychosocial formulation
  • d. full DSM IV multiaxial diagnosis
  • e. treatment plan material for psychotherapeutic treatment plan
  • f. material for psychopharmacological treatment
  • g. rationale for social treatment
  • h. course of treatment
  • i. current status of patient


The ABAP may revoke the certification of Diplomates who do not meet all requirements for continued certification.

The ABAP reserves the right and responsibility to alter these requirements with adequate notice to the field of psychiatry.

The fee schedule for maintenance of certification:

  • Application fee included with one case management report fee and certificate: $500.00
  • Yearly CME Report Fee: $ 50.00
  • Late Fee: $100.00